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“Fake Journal Club: Teaching Critical Reading”, Gwern 2022

Fake Journal Club: Teaching Critical Reading

“Rare Greek Variables”, Gwern 2021

Rare Greek Variables

“Origin of ‘Littlewood’s Law of Miracles’”, Gwern 2019

Origin of ‘Littlewood’s Law of Miracles’

“Hafu Gender Ratios in Anime”, Gwern 2011

Hafu Gender Ratios in Anime

“LWer Effective Altruism Donations, 2013-2014”, Gwern 2015

LWer Effective Altruism donations, 2013-2014

“CO2/ventilation Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2016

CO2/ventilation sleep experiment

“LessWrong and Cryonics”, Gwern 2013

LessWrong and cryonics

“Hacker News Submission Analysis”, Gwern 2013

Hacker News submission analysis

“2013 LLLT Self-Experiment”, Gwern 2013

2013 LLLT self-experiment

“Touhou Music by the Numbers”, Gwern 2013

Touhou music by the numbers

“Bitcoin Donations on The Pirate Bay”, Gwern 2014

Bitcoin donations on The Pirate Bay

“2014 Spirulina Randomized Self-Experiment”, Gwern 2014

2014 Spirulina randomized self-experiment

“LW Anchoring Experiment”, Gwern 2012

LW anchoring experiment

“2013 Lewis Meditation Results”, Gwern 2013

2013 Lewis meditation results