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“Statistical Notes”, Gwern 2014

Statistical Notes

“A/B Testing Long-Form Readability on”, Gwern 2012

A/B testing long-form readability on

“Banner Ads Considered Harmful”, Gwern 2017

Banner Ads Considered Harmful

“Magnesium Self-Experiments”, Gwern 2013

Magnesium Self-Experiments

“Embryo Selection For Intelligence”, Gwern 2016

Embryo Selection For Intelligence

“Redshift Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2012

Redshift sleep experiment

“The Power of Twins: The Scottish Milk Experiment”, Gwern 2016

The Power of Twins: The Scottish Milk Experiment

Genius Revisited Revisited”, Gwern 2016

Genius Revisited Revisited

“LSD Microdosing RCT”, Gwern 2012

LSD microdosing RCT

“Embryo Editing for Intelligence”, Gwern 2016

Embryo editing for intelligence

“Nootropics”, Gwern 2010


“Life Extension Cost-Benefits”, Gwern 2015

Life Extension Cost-Benefits

“The Morality of Sperm Donation”, Gwern 2012

The Morality of Sperm Donation

“Zeo Sleep Self-Experiments”, Gwern 2010

Zeo sleep self-experiments

“Lunar Circadian Rhythms”, Gwern 2013

Lunar circadian rhythms

“Caffeine Wakeup Experiment”, Gwern 2013

Caffeine wakeup experiment

“Candy Japan’s New Box A/B Test”, Gwern 2016

Candy Japan’s new box A/B test

“Diet Variance: Soylent Study”, Gwern 2013

Diet Variance: Soylent study

“Weather and My Productivity”, Gwern 2013

Weather and My Productivity