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“Statistical Notes”, Gwern 2014

Statistical Notes

“Everything Is Correlated”, Gwern 2014

Everything Is Correlated

“Calculating The Gaussian Expected Maximum”, Gwern 2016

Calculating The Gaussian Expected Maximum

“How Often Does Correlation=Causality?”, Gwern 2014

How Often Does Correlation=Causality?

“One Man’s Modus Ponens”, Gwern 2012

One Man’s Modus Ponens

“Evolution As Backstop for Reinforcement Learning”, Gwern 2018

Evolution as Backstop for Reinforcement Learning

“Regression To The Mean Fallacies”, Gwern 2021

Regression To The Mean Fallacies

“Self-Blinded Mineral Water Taste Test”, Gwern 2017

Self-Blinded Mineral Water Taste Test

“Banner Ads Considered Harmful”, Gwern 2017

Banner Ads Considered Harmful

“Magnesium Self-Experiments”, Gwern 2013

Magnesium Self-Experiments

“The Most ‘Abandoned’ Books on GoodReads”, Gwern 2019

The Most ‘Abandoned’ Books on GoodReads

“Why Correlation Usually ≠ Causation”, Gwern 2014

Why Correlation Usually ≠ Causation

“How Should We Critique Research?”, Gwern 2019

How Should We Critique Research?

“Catnip Immunity and Alternatives”, Gwern 2015

Catnip immunity and alternatives

“Prediction Markets”, Gwern 2009

Prediction Markets

“The Explore-Exploit Dilemma in Media Consumption”, Gwern 2016

The Explore-Exploit Dilemma in Media Consumption

“Embryo Editing for Intelligence”, Gwern 2016

Embryo editing for intelligence

“Fermi Calculation Examples”, Gwern 2019

Fermi Calculation Examples

“Frank P. Ramsey Bibliography”, Gwern 2019

Frank P. Ramsey bibliography

“Nootropics”, Gwern 2010


“World Catnip Surveys”, Gwern 2015

World Catnip Surveys

“Life Extension Cost-Benefits”, Gwern 2015

Life Extension Cost-Benefits

“Resorting Media Ratings”, Gwern 2015

Resorting Media Ratings

“Bacopa Quasi-Experiment”, Gwern 2014

Bacopa Quasi-Experiment

“ZMA Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2017

ZMA Sleep Experiment

“Zeo Sleep Self-Experiments”, Gwern 2010

Zeo sleep self-experiments

“When Should I Check The Mail?”, Gwern 2015

When Should I Check The Mail?

“Biased Information As Anti-Information”, Gwern 2012

Biased information as anti-information

Death Note: L, Anonymity & Eluding Entropy”, Gwern 2011

Death Note: L, Anonymity & Eluding Entropy

“Potassium Sleep Experiments”, Gwern 2012

Potassium sleep experiments

“Caffeine Wakeup Experiment”, Gwern 2013

Caffeine wakeup experiment

“Vitamin D Sleep Experiments”, Gwern 2012

Vitamin D sleep experiments

“Candy Japan’s New Box A/B Test”, Gwern 2016

Candy Japan’s new box A/B test

“Bitter Melon for Blood Glucose”, Gwern 2015

Bitter Melon for blood glucose

“Who Wrote The Death Note Script?”, Gwern 2009

Who Wrote The Death Note Script?

“Charity Is Not about Helping”, Gwern 2011

Charity is not about Helping

“2012 Election Predictions”, Gwern 2012

2012 election predictions