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“Startup Ideas”, Gwern 2017

Startup Ideas

“Research Bounties On Fulltexts”, Gwern 2018

Research Bounties On Fulltexts

“CO2 Coin: Decentralized Carbon Capture Blockchains”, Gwern 2021

CO2 Coin: Decentralized Carbon Capture Blockchains

“Newton’s System of the World and Comets”, Gwern 2016

Newton’s System of the World and Comets

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“Evolution As Backstop for Reinforcement Learning”, Gwern 2018

Evolution as Backstop for Reinforcement Learning

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Progress In Beauty

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About Gwern

“Music and Distraction”, Gwern 2012

Music and distraction

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Girl Scouts & Good Corporate Governance

“Choosing Software”, Gwern 2008

Choosing Software

“Wikipedia and Other Wikis”, Gwern 2009

Wikipedia and Other Wikis

“Resilient Haskell Software”, Gwern 2008

Resilient Haskell Software