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“Self-Blinded Mineral Water Taste Test”, Gwern 2017

Self-Blinded Mineral Water Taste Test

“Magnesium Self-Experiments”, Gwern 2013

Magnesium Self-Experiments

“Redshift Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2012

Redshift sleep experiment

“Dual n-Back FAQ”, Gwern 2009

Dual n-Back FAQ

“LSD Microdosing RCT”, Gwern 2012

LSD microdosing RCT

“Nootropics”, Gwern 2010


“Bacopa Quasi-Experiment”, Gwern 2014

Bacopa Quasi-Experiment

“ZMA Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2017

ZMA Sleep Experiment

“CO2/ventilation Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2016

CO2/ventilation sleep experiment

“Lunar Circadian Rhythms”, Gwern 2013

Lunar circadian rhythms

“Wooden Pillow”, Gwern 2008

Wooden Pillow

“Potassium Sleep Experiments”, Gwern 2012

Potassium sleep experiments

“Caffeine Wakeup Experiment”, Gwern 2013

Caffeine wakeup experiment

“Vitamin D Sleep Experiments”, Gwern 2012

Vitamin D sleep experiments

“Treadmill Desk Observations”, Gwern 2012

Treadmill desk observations

“Bitter Melon for Blood Glucose”, Gwern 2015

Bitter Melon for blood glucose

“Diet Variance: Soylent Study”, Gwern 2013

Diet Variance: Soylent study

“Weather and My Productivity”, Gwern 2013

Weather and My Productivity

“Buckminster Fuller’s Fog Gun”, Gwern 2009

Buckminster Fuller’s fog gun

“2013 LLLT Self-Experiment”, Gwern 2013

2013 LLLT self-experiment

“2014 Spirulina Randomized Self-Experiment”, Gwern 2014

2014 Spirulina randomized self-experiment

“LW Anchoring Experiment”, Gwern 2012

LW anchoring experiment

“2013 Lewis Meditation Results”, Gwern 2013

2013 Lewis meditation results