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“Statistical Notes”, Gwern 2014

Statistical Notes

“ Website Traffic”, Gwern 2011 Website Traffic

“Archiving URLs”, Gwern 2011

Archiving URLs

“Calculating The Gaussian Expected Maximum”, Gwern 2016

Calculating The Gaussian Expected Maximum

“A/B Testing Long-Form Readability on”, Gwern 2012

A/B testing long-form readability on

“Dog Cloning For Special Forces: Breed All You Can Breed”, Gwern 2018

Dog Cloning For Special Forces: Breed All You Can Breed

“Creatine Cognition Meta-Analysis”, Gwern 2013

Creatine Cognition Meta-analysis

“Common Selection Scenarios”, Gwern 2021

Common Selection Scenarios

“Darknet Market Archives (2013–2015)”, Gwern 2013

Darknet Market Archives (2013–2015)

“Banner Ads Considered Harmful”, Gwern 2017

Banner Ads Considered Harmful

“Magnesium Self-Experiments”, Gwern 2013

Magnesium Self-Experiments

“Embryo Selection For Intelligence”, Gwern 2016

Embryo Selection For Intelligence

“Embryo Selection For Intelligence § History of IES”, Gwern 2016

Embryo Selection For Intelligence § History of IES

“The Most ‘Abandoned’ Books on GoodReads”, Gwern 2019

The Most ‘Abandoned’ Books on GoodReads

“Redshift Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2012

Redshift sleep experiment

“The Power of Twins: The Scottish Milk Experiment”, Gwern 2016

The Power of Twins: The Scottish Milk Experiment

“Solving Pascal’s Mugging With Dynamic Programming”, Gwern 2019

Solving Pascal’s Mugging with Dynamic Programming

Genius Revisited Revisited”, Gwern 2016

Genius Revisited Revisited

“LSD Microdosing RCT”, Gwern 2012

LSD microdosing RCT

“Catnip Immunity and Alternatives”, Gwern 2015

Catnip immunity and alternatives

“Hafu Gender Ratios in Anime”, Gwern 2011

Hafu Gender Ratios in Anime

“DNM-Related Arrests, 2011–2015”, Gwern 2012

DNM-related arrests, 2011–2015

“Darknet Market Mortality Risks”, Gwern 2013

Darknet Market mortality risks

“Embryo Editing for Intelligence”, Gwern 2016

Embryo editing for intelligence

“Predicting Google Closures”, Gwern 2013

Predicting Google closures

“World Catnip Surveys”, Gwern 2015

World Catnip Surveys

“Dual n-Back Meta-Analysis”, Gwern 2012

Dual n-Back Meta-Analysis

“Life Extension Cost-Benefits”, Gwern 2015

Life Extension Cost-Benefits

“Modafinil Community Survey”, Gwern 2015

Modafinil community survey

“Bacopa Quasi-Experiment”, Gwern 2014

Bacopa Quasi-Experiment

“ZMA Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2017

ZMA Sleep Experiment

“Zeo Sleep Self-Experiments”, Gwern 2010

Zeo sleep self-experiments

“Long Bets As Charitable Giving Opportunity”, Gwern 2017

Long Bets as Charitable Giving Opportunity

“When Should I Check The Mail?”, Gwern 2015

When Should I Check The Mail?

“CO2/ventilation Sleep Experiment”, Gwern 2016

CO2/ventilation sleep experiment

“Iodine and Adult IQ Meta-Analysis”, Gwern 2012

Iodine and Adult IQ meta-analysis

“‘HP: Methods of Rationality’ Review Statistics”, Gwern 2012

‘HP: Methods of Rationality’ review statistics

“Lunar Circadian Rhythms”, Gwern 2013

Lunar circadian rhythms

“Internet WiFi Improvement”, Gwern 2016

Internet WiFi improvement

“Potassium Sleep Experiments”, Gwern 2012

Potassium sleep experiments

“Caffeine Wakeup Experiment”, Gwern 2013

Caffeine wakeup experiment

“Vitamin D Sleep Experiments”, Gwern 2012

Vitamin D sleep experiments

“Treadmill Desk Observations”, Gwern 2012

Treadmill desk observations

“Candy Japan’s New Box A/B Test”, Gwern 2016

Candy Japan’s new box A/B test

“Bitter Melon for Blood Glucose”, Gwern 2015

Bitter Melon for blood glucose

“Diet Variance: Soylent Study”, Gwern 2013

Diet Variance: Soylent study

“Who Wrote The Death Note Script?”, Gwern 2009

Who Wrote The Death Note Script?

“LessWrong and Cryonics”, Gwern 2013

LessWrong and cryonics

“Conscientiousness & Online Education”, Gwern 2012

Conscientiousness & Online Education

“Weather and My Productivity”, Gwern 2013

Weather and My Productivity

“Hacker News Submission Analysis”, Gwern 2013

Hacker News submission analysis

“2013 LLLT Self-Experiment”, Gwern 2013

2013 LLLT self-experiment

“2012 Election Predictions”, Gwern 2012

2012 election predictions

“Touhou Music by the Numbers”, Gwern 2013

Touhou music by the numbers

“2014 Spirulina Randomized Self-Experiment”, Gwern 2014

2014 Spirulina randomized self-experiment

“LW Anchoring Experiment”, Gwern 2012

LW anchoring experiment

“Alerts Over Time”, Gwern 2013

Alerts Over Time

“2013 Lewis Meditation Results”, Gwern 2013

2013 Lewis meditation results

“Resilient Haskell Software”, Gwern 2008

Resilient Haskell Software