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NGE Rebuild Predictions

a comprehensive taxonomy of predictions on future Evangelion media


background on difficult predictions: original

argument for utility (see also Prediction markets): original


Eva 01

Eva 02

Eva 05

Eva 05 was Tunniel 45%

Eva 06

Eva 06 is Adam original original original 35%

Eva 07

Eva 08

MP Evas

The MP Evas will appear in 3.0 or 4.0 70%



Lorenz Keel is the Pope original 1%






Mari is the daughter of Asuka & Shinji from an ‘original’ EoE-verse original 3%

Mari’s goals and alignment are murky (perhaps because even Khara has no idea what she’s supposed to do, per the CRC):

Ontological Status

There certainly has been a lot of speculation on what Mari is:


In 3.0, Mari will attend school as a regular student original 35%

At some point in the last 2 movies Mari will say ‘anta baka?’ 45%

At some point in the last 2 movies Mari will appear in EoE-style eye/arm bandages 50%

Mari marked for death by SEELE at some point original 50%

Mari will not survive past the 50 minute mark in 3.0 original 20%

a Mari x Shinji ending original 5%


Shinji is a full Angel a la Re-Take (not a human-angel hybrid) original 15%

Shinji will kill Gendo original 20%

Shinji will die, permanently, and not transcend or continue to exist in some sense original 25%


Asuka will pilot an Eva against the MP Evas in 3.0 or 4.0, contingent on MP Evas appearing 75%

Ontological Status

Current biology:




Asuka will be employed by SEELE against NERV or Shinji 30%

Asuka vs. Shinji death-fight original 25%

3.0 Asuka will pilot Eva unit-06; it will go to Terminal Dogma and Asuka will beg Shinji to kill her original 15%

Asuka Shikinami is a clone of another Asuka and Shikinami is then disposed of original 20%

3.0 Asuka has no recollection of anything and will call herself “Asuka Langley Soryu” original 15%

Asuka will appear little after 2.0 and have an unimportant off-screen death original 10%

Asuka will have more screentime in 3.0 than in 2.0 (as measured by length in seconds of scenes involving her) 40%

Asuka’s surname’s change to Shikinami will receive no in-universe explanation 35% Asuka’s surname’s change to Shikinami will receive an in-universe explanation and will pertain to Second Impact/the four FARs in Misato’s 2.0 flashback 50%

In 3.0, Asuka will have been promoted 50% In 3.0, Asuka will have been promoted to major original 40%

In 3.0, Asuka will not remember the Matsushiro incident of 2.0 original 30%

The Key of Nebuchadnezzar will be implanted into Asuka 20% The Key of Nebuchadnezzar will be implanted into Asuka, under her eye-patch original 18%

Any Instrumentality/Third Impact in 3.0 or 4.0 will focus on Asuka rather than Shinji (as measured by seconds of screentime) original 25%

Asuka & Shinji will kiss original 70% Asuka & Shinji will kiss and the kiss will be initiated by Shinji (rather than Asuka as in NGE TV) original original 45%

Contingent upon there being a strangulation scene similar to EoE, Asuka will strangle Shinji original 30%

Asuka x Shinji ending original 70%



‘Giant naked Rei’ will rise again from the LCL sea during Instrumentality/Third Impact 50%

Rei will destroy the other Rei clones original 25%

What will come of Rei, merged with Shinji at the end of 2.0?

A Rei x Shinji ending original 20%



Sadly for Kaji, the most interesting questions are:

  1. When will he die?

  2. Who will kill or be killed?



The Key of Nebuchadnezzar will be implanted into Gendo 60% The Key of Nebuchadnezzar will be implanted into Gendo, in his hand 55%

Gendo’s travels (3.0 preview indicates they are abroad):

Gendo will, in person, physically attack Shinji in 3.0 original 50%

Gendo’s ultimate goal in 4.0 will not be to reunite with Yui, but to turn her into a god-like entity original 4%

Yui will separate from Eva-01 and be physically human at some point original 15%

Gendo will die protecting Shinji in some sense original 30%



Origin; Rei came from Yui & Lilith, yes, but Kaworu?


Kaworu will be renamed 35% Kaworu will be renamed to “Kaworu Nagisanami” original 25%

Kaworu will again be faced with a choice between committing suicide or killing humanity original 70% Kaworu will again be faced with a choice between committing suicide or killing humanity and will not choose suicide original 30%

Kaworu will kill a kitten original 35%

Kaworu will kill an Angel original 60%


How will Ritsuko Akagi die?


Kozo Fuyutsuki dies (before Third Impact/Instrumentality) original 30%


Mediums will include live-action like EoE:

A version of the song “Komm, süsser Tod” will be used in Rebuild:

The fourth wall will be broken by:


How will 3.0 open?

There will be no Third Impact original original 40%

In 4.0, there will be an epilogue set years later original 35%

“Arael attacks the sequestered NERV personnel with a wide beam, providing for a mindfuckery exposition scene featuring the other adults finally.” original 5%

The entity in Terminal Dogma is still Lilith (of NGE TV) in some sense original 95%

The 4 pilots (Shinji, Asuka, Mari, Rei) each have a piece of Adam’s soul in addition to their own, with Kaworu having the main piece original 25%

The Key of Nebuchadnezzar:

The coffins on the moon each contain or contained an Angel. 95%

The Final Angel is EoE-Shogoki (and not Kaworu) original 5%

The First Ancestral Race will be mentioned by name in Rebuild. 50%

The First Ancestral Race will reveal themselves and will come to Earth personally in 3.0 to punish Rei-Shinji/Shogoki for trespassing into their domain of power. original 10%

The four Children mentioned in the 3.0 preview turn out to be: Shinji, Mari, Kaworu and Asuka original 80%

3.0 & 4.0 will deconstruct Shinji’s heroism and reveal it to be a sham a la Norman Spinrad’s The Iron Dream original 20%

By the end of 4.0, the Earth’s oceans will be blue (and full of life) and not red & lifeless original original 35%

4.0 will end on or near a blue wave shot to parallel the red wave shot that opened 1.0, and ended EoE original 15%

Shinji will masturbate to Asuka at some point during Rebuild 10%

What Is Rebuild Anyway?

Rebuild is a parallel universe:

Rebuild is a sequel:

  1. Rebuild is a sequel to a previous NGE work 2%

  2. Rebuild is a sequel to itself (time-loop) 10%

Rebuild is a dream:

  1. a dream in EoE

  2. a dream in NGE TV



Real World


Work Details


3.0 will not be longer than 60 minutes 15% 4.0 will not be longer than 60 minutes 20% Neither 3.0 nor 4.0 will be longer than 60 minutes


Release Dates

NGE TV will be released on Bluray:

EoE will be released on Bluray



Live Action

Dramatis Personae

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