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October 2020 News

October 2020 newsletter with links on AI scaling, Euclid; further site reorganization & improvement.

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October 2020’s newsletter is now out; previous, September 2020 (archives). This is a collation of links and summary of major changes, overlapping with my Changelog⁠; brought to you by my donors on Patreon⁠.


  1. Aside from extremely strong priors about life extension effects (typically much smaller) and the low quality of animal research⁠, some of the specific problems with the original result included:

    • contradictory median/​lifespan figures
    • duplicate image
    • small sample
    • doses of C60 small enough that the direct antioxidant activity can’t be responsible
    • bizarre intervention, whose justifying cites were not published when experiment started
    • the C60 was administered for brief period (‘imagine taking a supplement only during your 40s and doubling your lifespan’)
    • the massive life extension observed in the olive-oil-only rats—not doubling, but still implausible