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Brave Poem

Poem on memory inspired by the anime Angel Beats!; do you remember love?

But we all will be alone,
illusions moving in memory,
someday, surely, so:
show no sorrow, laugh and love;
bravely walk bearing no wish but
to live while you will live---
and not forget these feelings.

See your school yard;
blanched blackboards,
gleaming grinders,
sharp sticky seats,
restless paper piles recalling
cheerful companions of childhood.

As we remember:
collecting pebbles in the corner pile,
calling excitedly as we cache each
and smooth the soft tar sphere;
next, sharp glass now sand-ground.

As we remember:
dashing through the double trees
jumping by jammed branches
trespassing to free trapped friends.

As we remember:
bricks scribbled with boyish secrets,
read only by the oily rains.

As we remember:
even when everyone's world ends,

sunlight shafting through the silent school.