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Miami, FL

Site of German Shepherd Gunther IV's mansion.


15 Feb 1933 An unsuccessful attempt on Franklin D. Roosevelt's life by Joseph Zangara in Miami leaves Chicago mayor Anton Czermak dead. Zangara is electrocuted the following month.
23 Apr 1951 Lenny Bruce is arrested in Miami Beach, Florida for fraudulently soliciting funds for a leper colony while dressed as a priest.
27 Apr 1963 Comedian Lenny Bruce is arrested in Miami for illegal possession of hypodermic needles. They were, however, for legally-prescribed prescription drugs.
1 Mar 1969 While performing with the Doors, Jim Morrison asks the audience "Do you wanna see my cock?" then exposes himself briefly on a Miami stage. For thus showing his peepee Morrison received a sentence of six months hard labor.
20 Dec 1971 Talk show host Larry King, host of CNN's "Larry King Live", arrested in Miami on charges of grand larceny. He must have been in-between wives.
17 May 1980 A three-day race riot breaks out after an all-white jury acquits four white Miami police officers of killing Arthur McDuffie, a black insurance salesman. The cops had beaten him with their flashlights and billyclubs, and he died in the hospital. 18 fatalities and more than $100 million in property damage are the final result.
11 May 1981 Jamaican music legend and U.N. Peace Medal recipient Bob Marley dies of brain cancer in a Miami hospital at the age of 36. Marley had quietly begun a course of radiation therapy at Sloan-Kettering a few months prior, but abandoned it just two days later after word leaked out.
16 Jan 1989 Three days of race riots begin in Overtown, Miami when a black man fleeing on motorcycle is killed by a hispanic police officer. 125 blocks are sealed off during the riots.
9 Apr 1992 Former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega convicted of drug trafficking, money laundering, and racketeering by a federal court in Miami.
10 Jun 1999 Outside on the front lawn of his Miami home, Russell Cameron is covered with trash and doused with gasoline. Then his lunatic nephew, Thomas Pellechio, sets the pile on fire and runs away. When police arrive, they discover a 12.5 inch Oriental sword in Cameron's rectum, rammed in all the way up to the hilt.
19 Jul 2002 Real life imitates fiction, with a *real* Janet Reno Dance Party, hosted at the Level in Miami Beach.
2 Dec 2002 A Carnival Cruise ship docks in Miami. 190 of the vessel's 2,428 passengers and 4 of 900+ crewmen were afflicted with a highly-contagious norovirus, giving them the shits.

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