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19 Nov 1720 Captain John "Calico Jack" Rackham is hanged in Port Royal, Jamaica for piracy. Reportedly, Rackham's lover and fellow pirate Anne Bonny told him earlier that day "she was sorry to see him there, but if he had fought like a Man, he need not have been hang'd like a Dog."
11 May 1981 Musician Bob Marley dies of a brain tumor, Miami FL.
11 Sep 1987 Peter Tosh, reggae musician, murdered by three "robbers" who actually did not steal anything. Whether or not this is the actual motive is a matter of speculation.
Feb 1988 Jamaica, a country never touched by snow, sends a Bobsled team to the Olympics in Calgary, Canada.
7 Dec 1993 Jamaican Colin Ferguson kills 6 people, wounds 18 others, on the Long Island Railroad.
1 Dec 1997 Member of the Georgia Senate Ralph Abernathy attempts to smuggle marijuana into the US from Jamaica in his underwear. He is caught by a drug-sniffing canine and fined $500. Abernathy is the son of the famous civil rights leader of the same name who was Martin Luther King's lieutenant. In January he is censured by the Georgia State Senate.

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