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Manuel Noriega

Former Maximum Leader of Panama, currently resides in a Florida jail for being a drug mastermind in his spare time, or for just inconveniently being in the way of America, depending on who you talk to.

In 1988, Noriega told his deputy in the Panamanian Defense Forces: "I've got Bush by the balls."

See also Oliver North, and John Poindexter.


11 Feb 1934 Manuel Noriega born.
Oct 1968 Participates in a coup d'etat against President Arnulfo Arias.
Dec 1969 Participates in a counter coup, favoring Gen. Omar Torrijos.
c. 1970 Becomes a CIA operative.
5 Feb 1988 Indicted on federal drug charges.
7 May 1989 Guillermo Endara wins the Panamanian election by a 3:1 margin. Three days later, Manuel Noriega vacates the result.
3 Oct 1989 A failed coup attempt against Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega.
15 Dec 1989 Panama's National Assembly bestows the title of "Maximum Leader" upon dictator Manuel Noriega. During his acceptance speech, Noriega declares that "the North American scheme, through constant psychological and military harassment, has created a state of war in Panama." The U.S. government opts to interpret this statement as a declaration of war against the United States.
3 Jan 1990 Surrenders to American authorities from his refuge in the Papal Nuncio.
10 Jul 1992 Manuel Noriega is sentenced to 40 years without parole in a federal prison for eight counts of drug smuggling, conspiracy, and racketeering. In his statement, Noriega decries President George HW Bush for "causing the deaths of innocent people" during the 1989 Panama invasion.

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