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Lenny Bruce


13 Oct 1925 Leonard Alfred Schneider born, Mineola, NY.
19 Oct 1942 Joins the U.S. Navy.
1945 Honorably discharged from U.S. Navy.
1947 Leonard Schneider changes his name to Lenny Bruce.
15 Jun 1951 Marries girlfriend Honey Harlowe, whom he describes as having "alabaster breasts."
23 Apr 1951 Arrested in Miami FL for impersonating a priest (panhandling) as he solicited "donations" for a "leper colony" run by the "Brother Mathias Foundation" in British Guiana.
24 Apr 1951 Found not guilty of priestly panhandling.
15 Jun 1951 In Detroit, marries girlfriend Honey Harlowe, whom he describes as having "alabaster breasts."
Sep 1951 In a serious car accident, wife Honey breaks her hip, and is hospitalized.
30 Jun 1956 Arrested for possession of marijuana.
21 Jan 1957 Honey and Lenny divorce.
5 Apr 1959 Appears on the Steve Allen Show.
4 Apr 1961 Plays at Carnegie Hall.
29 Sep 1961 Arrested for drug possession, Philadelphia PA.
4 Oct 1961 Arrested for obscenity for using the word cocksucker at the Jazz Workshop, San Francisco.
8 Mar 1962 Found not guilty for obscenity, San Francisco.
5 Oct 1962 Arrested for possession of narcotics, Los Angeles.
17 Oct 1962 Arrested for obscenity at The Troubador Club in Los Angeles.
4 Dec 1962 Arrested for obscenity at Gate of Horn in Chicago.
12 Feb 1963 Arrested for obscenity at The Unicorn in Los Angeles.
23 Feb 1963 Arrested for drug possession in Los Angeles.
3 Apr 1964 Arrested for obscenity at Cafe Au Go Go in New York City, over performances on the 1st and 3rd of April.
Jul 1964 Illinois State Supreme Court reverses Lenny Bruce's Chicago obscenity conviction, on free speech grounds.
1965 How to talk dirty and influence people.
25 Jun 1966 Lenny Bruce performs for the last time, at the Fillmore in San Francisco.
3 Aug 1966 Lenny Bruce dies at his home in Hollywood, CA of a heroin overdose.

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