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the World's Oldest Profession

People who lost their virginity to a prostitute:

Prostitutes, former prostitites, pimps and madams:

Actor Hugh Grant has a prostitution arrest for being on the receiving end of oral services offered by Divine Brown.

Jesse Ventura admits a Moonlight Bunny Ranch visit in his autobiography. Andy Kaufman was also a patron there, and MBR opened a private wrestling room in his memory. The late adult performer Holly Landers also worked there before she made the umm, big time.


1874 Prostitution is outlawed in Los Angeles.
1934 John F. Kennedy, 17, loses his virginity in a Harlem bordello.
1937 Jerry Lewis, 11, deflowered by a stripper procured by his father.
1952 Al Goldstein's uncle arranges for a prostitute to deflower his 16-year-old nephew.
1955 Cab driver Joe Conforte founds the 440 acre Mustang Ranch.
1955 Moonlight Bunny Ranch begins operations.
1985 Marilyn Chambers arrested for prostitution at the O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco.
27 Jun 1995 The LAPD arrests streetwalker Divine Brown for prostitution after she is discovered giving British film star Hugh Grant a blowjob in a white BMW parked on Hawthorn Ave. To be fair, they also arrest Grant for receiving said blowjob.
1996 John Wayne Bobbitt takes a job as greeter at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch.
2 May 1997 Around 4:45am, Eddie Murphy picks up pre-op transsexual prostitute Shalomar (aka Atisone Kenneth Seiuli) on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Unfortunately, this happens to be inside a "prostitution abatement zone" designated by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. Deputies pull over Murphy's Toyota Land Cruiser, arrest his passenger for outstanding warrants, and release the celebrity.
2 May 1997 Eddie Murphy tells Entertainment Tonight: "I love my wife and I'm not gay. I'm married with three children. I'm not going to be out there screwing hookers off the street or anything like that. I'm just being a nice guy... I was being a good Samaritan. It's not the first hooker I've helped out. I've seen hookers on corners... and I'll pull over... and they'll go, 'Oh you're Eddie Murphy, oh my God,' and I'll empty my wallet out to help."
14 Jul 1997 Catherine Sheehan, a Beverly Hills whore, files suit against Jack Nicholson, alleging that the actor did not cough up the $1000 he owed her for sexual acts she performed with him the night of October 12, 1996. The complaint alleged assault, battery, and emotional distress; punitive damages were requested.
8 Jun 1998 The President of Nigeria, general Sani Abacha, dies of apparent heart failure during a Viagra-driven romp with three Indian whores. Abacha is quickly buried the following day without an autopsy or even a state funeral, fueling speculation that the general may have been poisoned by political rivals. Abacha stole more than $4 billion during his five years as dictator, and his widow Maryam is captured shortly thereafter attempting to flee the country with 30 suitcases full of American currency.
Mar 2003 During divorce proceedings against ex-wife Sharon, Neil Bush admits accepting some free Asian poontang on several occasions during business trips. "In Thailand once, I have a pretty clear recollection that there was one time in Thailand and in Hong Kong." Neil claims that the women would knock on his hotel room door, walk in, and have sex with him. He never asked if they were prostitutes, and never paid them.
ATTORNEY: Mr. Bush, you have to admit it's a pretty remarkable thing for a man just to go to a hotel room door and open it and have a woman standing there and have sex with her.
NEIL BUSH: It was very unusual.

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