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Al Goldstein

aka Alvin Goldstein

Founder of Screw magazine.

Try as you might, you will not find a speech, paragraph, or article declaring Al Goldstein a "nice guy". It's just not the way the man is wired. Every description of him makes it quite clear he is foul, profane, brutally cruel to his staff and friends, and constantly floating in what could charitably be called a cloud of noxiousness. But at least he's consistent.

Once offered $10,000 to anyone who could locate an actual snuff film (snuff created for sexual purposes.) Nobody has ever claimed this reward.

Got a blowjob from Linda Lovelace during an interview promoting Deep Throat, but got pissed off at her after she quit porn and released an autobiography which included unflattering stories about Goldstein.

Claims to have been arrested 19 times.

Curtis Sliwa on Al: "He doesn't have a humanitarian bone in his body."


10 Jan 1936 Al Goldstein born, New York City.
1952 Al Goldstein's uncle arranges for a prostitute to deflower the 16 year old Goldstein.
Nov 1968 Al Goldstein launches Screw magazine, with $150 funding.
Apr 1969 Screw magazines runs a pictorial of two men engaged in sexual intercourse.
1973 Publishes nudes of Jackie-O in issue #206. Sells 530,000 copies.
Oct 1974 Playboy magazine runs an interview with pornographer Al Goldstein, in which he declares: "We [at Screw magazine] lead the league in tastelessness. Our photographs are filthier and our stories are more disgusting. We make no effort to be artistic. Our photos are so explicit that the readers can see the come running from the girl's mouth. Our stock in trade is raw, flailing sex."
1977 Federal obscenity trial.
1983 Al Goldstein arrested at St. Patrick's Cathedral, with his Vagina-Cross.
Jun 1983 John Holmes to Al Goldstein at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: "You're gaining weight, Goldstein. You should be on the same diet I'm on, the cocaine diet."
1997 Al Goldstein tells Davka magazine he is an atheist.
1998 Al Goldstein disinvites David Letterman from Screw's 30th anniversary party, "for having blackballed me from appearing on your crummy show."
Apr 1998 Al Goldstein installs a "fuck you finger" stone statue prominently in his backyard in Pompano Beach. It had been formerly used as a prop on the Spin City sitcom.
2001 On a recent legal case: "She [assistant Jennifer Lozinsky] was an elitist Jew who felt that her cunt did not smell from fish and yet as soon as she walked in my office, I heard the tune "The Shrimp Boats Are Coming." She was a typical elitist cunt who thought that her shit didn't stink. She disapproved of me and I had her assistant indicted."
Jan 2003 Al Goldstein is pulled off a plane in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after security screener Kelly Nobles reports that the pornographer made lewd comments to her. Nobles claims that Goldstein asked whether she were a true blonde, and then suggested they have sex and that she keep her uniform on. Goldstein denies everything, and the officers are forced to let him go.
6 Aug 2003 In an interview, Al Goldstein confides: "We're having money problems. The men's field sucks. Sales are off 70%... After 34 years of being outrageous, we're fighting for survival... The Village Voice took away all my hooker ads."
22 Oct 2003 Al Goldstein apologizes in court for harrassing former employee Jennifer Lozinski. Begging for mercy, Goldstein tells the judge: "I'm homeless. I'm selling my house. I'm going to be in a homeless shelter... I'm nearly 68 years old. This is not right. I served nine days at Rikers and seven days in a nut house."

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