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David Berkowitz: Son of Sam

Son of Sam killer, New York City. Traded correspondence with Ted Bundy.


1 Jun 1953 David Falco born illegitimate to Betty Broder.
29 Jul 1976 Son of Sam kills Donna Lauria, age 18.
Jan 1977 Letter to the chief detective Capt. Joseph Borelli: "I am the Monster—Beelzebub—the chubby behemouth [sic]. I love to hunt. Prowling the streets looking for fair game—tasty meat. The women of Queens are prettyist of all."
30 Jan 1977 Son of Sam kills Christina Freund, age 26.
8 Mar 1977 Son of Sam kills Virginia Voskerichian, age 19.
17 Apr 1977 Son of Sam murders Alexander Esau, age 20, and Valentina Suriani, age 18, leaving Borelli another note. The letter was shared with Jimmy Breslin but no other media figures.
30 May 1977 Son of Sam writes Jimmy Breslin a letter, which the Daily News publishes.
26 Jun 1977 Son of Sam attacks lovers Sal Lupo and Judy Placido (age 17.)
31 Jul 1977 Son of Sam attacks Stacy Moskowitz, age 20, and Bobby Violante. Violante survives with serious injury, but Moskowitz dies in the hospital a day and a half later. A lousy first date. However, during this incident, David Berkowitz parked in front of a fire hydrant and receives a parking ticket. Ford Galaxie, license plate 561 XLB.
10 Aug 1977 David Berkowitz arrested for the Son of Sam killings.
8 May 1978 David Berkowitz pleads guilty for the Moskowitz and Violante slayings. Sentenced to 365 years prison.
10 Jul 1979 David Berkowitz's throat slashed in Attica prison, but he survives with 56 stitches.
10 Dec 1991 The Son of Sam Law, requiring income from a criminal's books or films be forfeited, declared unconstitutional because it imposes an undue burden on individuals' speech, by U.S. Supreme Court voting 8 to 0. Simon & Schuster, Inc. vs. New York Crime Victims Board, 112 S. Ct. 501.
1993 "Son of Sam was the first murderer anybody ever knew who could use a semicolon." Jimmy Breslin, Newsday.
2 Jul 1999 Film Summer of Sam released, starring John Leguizamo and Mira Sorvino.

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