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It's supposed to be the last resort, the final gambit in the chess game of life's meaning, to break the glass and take out the deadly force. Throughout history, when things have become too out of control or beyond saving, out comes the gun or the knife and the source of the cancer is cut out, permanently.

Of course, it never works out that way; people are killed who have nothing to do with the "cause" they're supposedly dying for, and often the call for revolution is only resounding in the killer's head.

In this gallery we present men and women who brought out the last resort, often to the great surprise of people who didn't know one was needed.

Assassins who were a bit too interested in Catcher in the Rye: John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman.

See also Assassination.

Giuseppe Zangara
John Hinckley
Charles Guiteau
Carl Weiss
Ramon Mercader
Mehmet Ali Agca
Lynette Fromme
Mark David Chapman
Dan White
Gavrilo Princip
Leon Czolgosz
John Wilkes Booth
James Earl Ray
Sirhan Sirhan
Lee Harvey Oswald
Jack Ruby

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