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Ramon Mercader


7 Feb 1914 Ramon Mercader born to Eustacia Maria Caridad del Rio Hernandez and Don Pablo Mercader Marina, Barcelona Spain.
12 Jun 1935 Arrested as a member of an underground Communist group he founded, the Cervantes Artistic Recreational Circle.
1937 Travels to Moscow for assassination training.
1938 The dismembered body of Rudolf Klement, Trotsky's former secretary, found floating in the Seine, Paris.
1938 Leon Trotsky's son, Lev Sedov, murdered.
Sep 1939 Arrives in New York City under a false Canadian passport of "Frank Jacson" (sic.)
Oct 1939 Arrives in Mexico City, again as "Frank Jacson."
24 May 1940 An attempt is made to assassinate Leon Trotsky. Over 300 rounds are fired at Trotsky's residence, though the target and his wife survive unscathed.
28 May 1940 Leon Trotsky introduces himself to Ramon Mercader.
12 Jun 1940 Mercader lends Trotsky his Buick, while the former travels to New York City.
10 Aug 1940 Mercader and associate Ageloff have tea with Trotsky.
Aug 1940 Mercader meets privately with Trotsky to show him a magazine article he is writing.
20 Aug 1940 At 5:20 pm, Mercader attempts to assassinate Leon Trotsky with an ice pick to the back of the head. Trotsky survives, telling his guards as they began to beat the would-be assassin, "Do not kill him. This man has a story to tell." Mercader is arrested as "Jacques Mornard", a Belgian "diplomat."
21 Aug 1940 Leon Trotsky dies from his injuries.
Aug 1953 Mercader's identity is revealed by Barcelona authorities as Jaime Ramon Mercader del Rio Hernandez, after a fingerprint comparison.
6 May 1960 Freed from Lecumberri Prison. Czech diplomats give him a diplomatic passport under the name Jacques Vendendreschd. Vendendreschd then travels to Havana, Cuba, and from there, Eastern Europe.
1978 Dies in Cuba. Given a hero's burial in Kuntsevo Cemetery, Moscow.

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