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Charles Guiteau


8 Sep 1841 Charles Julius Guiteau born to Luther Wilson Guiteau and Jane Howe, Freeport IL.
25 Sep 1848 Father, Luther Guiteau (a widower), remarries.
1859 Inherits money to attend college.
1860 Joins the Oneida Community, an early commune experiment.
3 Apr 1865 Leaves the Oneida Community.
20 Jul 1865 Reapplies to join the Oneida Community.
1 Nov 1866 Leaves the Oneida Community a second time.
1869 Marries YMCA librarian Annie Bunn.
1874 Annie Bunn divorces Charles.
1880 Father, Luther Guiteau, dies.
18 May 1881 Charles Guiteau receives a vision that he must kill President Garfield.
8 Jun 1881 Charles Guiteau purchases a .44 pearl handled revolver for $15.
2 Jul 1881 "To General Sherman: I have just shot the President. I shot him several times as I wished him to go as easily as possible. His death was a political necessity. I am a lawyer, theologian, and politician. I am a stalwart of the Stalwarts. I was with Gen. Grant, and the rest of our men in New York during the canvass. I am going to the Jail. Please order out your troops and take possession of the Jail at once. Very respectfully, Charles Guiteau."
2 Jul 1881 Charles Guiteau assassinated President Garfield, shooting him in the back. Garfield lingers for 3 months before dying.
14 Nov 1881 Murder trial begins.
25 Jan 1882 Guiteau found guilty of murder, after a one hour, five minute deliberation.
30 Jun 1882 In Washington, DC, Charles Guiteau hanged with the last words, "Glory, Glory."
7 Jan 1906 Houdini performs a feat by escaping from Guiteau's jail cell.

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