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Giuseppe Zangara

"I don't like no peoples."


7 Sep 1900 Giuseppe Zangara born, Ferruzzano (in the province of Calabria), Italy.
1902 Mother dies.
2 Sep 1923 Arrives in Philadelphia with his uncle.
1926 Doctors remove Zangara's appendix.
11 Sep 1929 Zangara's naturalized as a U.S. Citizen.
13 Feb 1933 Purchases a .32 pistol, $4.
15 Feb 1933 Giuseppe Zangara attempts to kill President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He fails, but does succeed in wounding Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak and one other person, Mrs. Mabel Gill. Some people, including Walter Winchell, believed Cermak was the target.
6 Mar 1933 Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak dies from his wounds.
Mar 1933 Upon hearing his death sentence, Zangara exclaims: "You give me electric chair. I no afraid of that chair! You're one of capitalists. You is crook man too. Put me in electric chair. I no care!"
20 Mar 1933 Giuseppe Zangara executed in Florida's electric chair, 32 days after his attempt to assassinate FDR. Last words: "Get to hell out of here, you sonofabitch [spoken to the attending minister]... I go sit down all by myself... Viva Italia! Goodbye to all poor peoples everywhere!... Lousy capitalists! No picture! Capitalists! No one here to take my picture. All capitalists lousy bunch of crooks. Go ahead. Pusha da button!"

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