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Lee Harvey Oswald

See also Kennedy Assassinations and Jack Ruby and David Ferrie and Clay Shaw and George de Mohrenschildt.


18 Oct 1939 Lee Harvey Oswald born to Marguerite Claverie Oswald and the late Robert E. Lee Oswald, New Orleans LA.
1945 Mother, Marguerite Oswald marries Edwin Ekdahl.
1952 Family moves to New York City.
3 Oct 1956 Writes a letter to Socialist Party of America: "Dear Sirs; I am sixteen years of age and would like more information about your youth League, I would like to know if there is a branch in my area, how to join, ect., [sic] I am a Marxist, and have been studying socialist principles for well over fifteen months[.] I am very interested in your Y.P.S.L. Sincerely. Lee Oswald."
Oct 1959 At the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, announces intention to defect to Soviet Union.
10 Apr 1963 Fires a shot into the residence of U.S. Army Major General Edwin A. Walker (resigned), misses.
22 Nov 1963 President John F. Kennedy is assassinated at Dealey Plaza, Dallas TX. Lee Harvey Oswald captured hours later.
24 Nov 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated by Jack Ruby. The murder happens to be broadcast live on national TV.
1963 FBI report (submitted by Sturgis) that Frank Sturgis engaged in a "fistfight" with Lee Harvey Oswald in Miami. Investigator Bob Smith of the private group "Committee to Investigate Assassinations" uncovers this report in Fall 1972.
21 Feb 1964 Photo of Oswald holding gun and newspaper appears on the cover of LIFE magazine.
1977 The House Select Committee on Assassinations obtains from George de Mohrenschildt's effects, a signed photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald inscribed "To my friend George from Lee Oswald 5/IV/63" and "Copyright G de M". It is a copy of the famous photograph of Oswald with the rifle and newspapers, which we now know was taken by de Mohrenschildt.

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