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Clay Shaw

Ostensibly an aide to General Charles Thrasher, Shaw stated under oath that he was an OSS (Office of Strategic Services) liaison to Churchill's headquarters. During WWII, received military decorations that would be unlikely if Shaw were merely an aide to Thrasher. Discharged from the Army with the rank of Major, later made a Colonel.

Founded the New Orleans International World Trade Center. Probably involved in money laundering. Served on the Board of Permindex.

Strange claims are made about Shaw's death. He was definitely suffering from lung cancer.


13 Mar 1917 Clay Lavergne Shaw born to Glaris and Alice Shaw, Kentwood LA.
1928 Graduates Warren Easton High School.
1946 Maj. Shaw honorably discharged from U.S. Army.
1958 Permindex incorporated; Shaw is on the Board of Directors.
1 Mar 1967 Arrested for conspiracy, in the John F. Kennedy assassination.
1971 Clay L. Shaw vs. Jim Garrison. Perjury charge against Shaw dismissed.
May 1973 Diagnosed with lung cancer.
15 Aug 1974 Clay Shaw dies, methstatic lung malignancy, brain and liver (ie, complications from lung cancer.)

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