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Frank Sturgis

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Watergate was a CIA setup. We were just pawns."

Never a CIA agent, not even Cuban, but involved in Cuban anti-Castro activities, and Watergate. Speculation exists that Sturgis is one of the "tramps" arrested after the John F. Kennedy assassination, speculation that is at best, "iffy." But in 1963, Sturgis did report to the FBI that he had a "fistfight" with Lee Harvey Oswald. This report was the first link discovered between the JFK assassination and Watergate. But think about it: With Oswald involved in Cuban activities, and the burglars Cuban exiles, there's bound to be tenuous links.


9 Dec 1924 Frank Angelo Fiorini born, Norfolk VA.
1942 Joins U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.
1945 Honorable discharge.
1948 Joins U.S. Naval Reserve.
1950 U.S. Army, stationed in Germany.
23 Sep 1952 Fiorini petitions a Norfolk court to have his name changed from Frank Angelo Fiorini to Frank Anthony Sturgis.
1958 Serves in the Cuban Army, in an intelligence capacity.
1959 Drops anti-Castro leaflets over Cuba.
1961 Bay of Pigs (Sam Jenis, CIA contact.)
22 Dec 1961 A CIA memorandum documents Sturgis' involvement in the CIA's leafletting over Cuba.
1963 FBI report (submitted by Sturgis) that Frank Sturgis engaged in a "fistfight" with Lee Harvey Oswald in Miami. Investigator Bob Smith of the private group "Committee to Investigate Assassinations" uncovers this report in Fall 1972.
1972 Bernard Barker introduces Sturgis to fellow Watergate plumber E. Howard Hunt.
17 Jun 1972 At 2:30 am, five burglars arrested at the Watergate complex: Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, James W. McCord (CREEP security director), and Frank Sturgis.
15 Sep 1972 Five Watergate burglars plus E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy indicted.
7 May 1977 In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Frank Sturgis claims that the objective of the Watergate break-in was to determine whether Howard Hughes was involved in DNC financing.
1994 "It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Watergate was a CIA setup. We were just pawns." Sturgis, quoted by Jim Hougan in Secret Agenda.

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