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Hybrid Rainbow

Poem about man & his machines.

 "How long will this last?
 I'm so tired of these games."
 «We've only begun; how is it the same?
 Just wait and this soon will pass.»

 And he said to me:
 "I just can't no mo'"
 As we sat and played Halo...

 "Look at that cute fake:
 You've bought something else shiny new."
 «Why should that matter to you?
 Reality does not pleasure or beauty make.»

 And he said to me:
 "I can't look no mo'"
 As we watched my brown Aibo...

 "In life I just want to soar
 But these machines always drag me down."
 «All the time wearing a frown,
 Never satisfied, forever wanting more?»

 So he said to me.
 But I replied no mo',
 and watched a hybrid rainbow...

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