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Mike Tyson

Sociopathic heavyweight boxer. You can bet that when Mike Tyson was sent to prison, nobody in there messed with him. Favorite quote: "I'm on the Zoloft to keep me from killing y'all."

Represented by Don King for a while.

Nice tattoo of Che Guevara on his lower abdomen.


30 Jun 1966 Mike Tyson born, Brooklyn NY, to Lorna Tyson and Jimmy Kirkpatrick.
1978 Mike Tyson, 12, is arrested in Brooklyn for purse-snatching.
1982 Mike Tyson is expelled from Catskill High School.
Jan 1986 "When you see me smash somebody's skull, you enjoy it."
Feb 1986 "I try to catch them right on the tip of his nose because I try to punch the bone into the brain."
May 1987 "Every shot was thrown with bad intentions. I was hoping he would get up so I could hit him again and keep him down."
9 Feb 1988 Mike Tyson weds actress Robin Givens in New York.
Mar 1988 "Real freedom is having nothing. I was freer when I didn't have a cent. Do you know what I do sometimes? Put on a ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the streets and beg for quarters."
Mar 1988 "I love to hit people. I love to. Most celebrities are afraid someone's going to attack them. I want someone to attack me. No weapons. Just me and him. I like to beat men and beat them bad."
Mar 1988 "When I fight someone, I want to break his will. I want to take his manhood. I want to rip out his heart and show it to him."
May 1988 Mike Tyson dents his Bentley convertible in a traffic accident in Manhattan. He gives the $183,000 car to two cops, later resulting in their suspensions.
17 Jun 1988 Robin Givens publicly accuses husband Mike Tyson of domestic violence.
Jun 1988 "Anyone with a grain of sense would know that if I punched my wife I would rip her head off. It's all lies. I have never laid a finger on her."
27 Jun 1988 Mike Tyson knocks out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds.
4 Sep 1988 Mike Tyson crashes his BMW into a tree. The New York Daily News reports three days later that it was a suicide attempt.
9 Apr 1989 Mike Tyson allegedly slaps around a parking attendant in Los Angeles.
1 Nov 1990 A New York City civil jury awards Sandra Miller $100 for battery after an incident in which boxer Mike Tyson grabbed her breasts, insulted and propositioned her. The jury found Tyson's behavior "not outrageous." Mike certainly has a way with women.
18 Jul 1991 In his hotel room, boxer Mike Tyson rapes Desiree Washington, a Miss Black America contestant.
26 Mar 1992 Mike Tyson is sentenced to 6 years in prison, which he begins serving immediately.
8 May 1992 Mike Tyson is found guilty of disorderly conduct and threatening a guard.
25 Mar 1995 Mike Tyson is released from prison.
28 Jun 1997 During the third round of a title fight, boxer Mike Tyson is disqualified after biting off a one-inch portion of Evander Holyfield's right ear.
29 Oct 1997 Mike Tyson crashes his motorcycle in Connecticut, suffering a punctured lung and a broken rib.
31 Aug 1998 Mike Tyson's Mercedes is rear-ended in Gaithersburg, Maryland. According to subsequent lawsuits, Tyson kicked one driver in the groin and punched another in the face before being restrained by his own bodyguards.
Oct 1998 "I know I'm going to blow one day. . . . My life is doomed the way it is. I have no future. I feel bad about my outlook, how I feel about people and society, and that I'll never be part of society the way I should."
Oct 1998 "A lot of young women don't know what they're getting themselves into. A lot of them think it's fun, a game. . . . But they truly don't know what they're into when they lock themselves into a room and engage in sex with a man who knows how to handle a woman."
Nov 1998 "I think I'll take a bath in his blood."
Dec 1998 "I'm not much for talking. You know what I do. I put guys in body bags when I'm right."
Dec 1998 "The one thing I know, everyone respects the true person and everyone's not true with themselves. All of these people who are heroes, these guys who have been lily white and clean all their lives, if they went through what I went through, they would commit suicide. They don't have the heart that I have. I've lived places they can't defecate in."
11 Jan 1999 "I could sell out Madison Square Garden masturbating."
5 Feb 1999 Mike Tyson sentenced to 2 years in jail for assaulting two motorists back in August.
18 Nov 1999 Members of 24-Carat Ferret Rescue arrive at boxer Mike Tyson's estate in Las Vegas, where they take possession of two ferrets starving to death.
24 Jun 2000 After the final bell, boxer Mike Tyson intentionally knocks down the referee in order to continue punching opponent Lou Savarese.
14 Sep 2000 "I'm on the Zoloft to keep me from killing y'all. ... It has really messed me up, and I don't want to be taking it, but they are concerned about the fact that I am a violent person, almost an animal. And they only want me to be an animal in the ring."
20 Oct 2000 Mike Tyson defeats Andrew Golota. After the fight, Tyson is forced to submit a urine sample, which tests positive for marijuana.
22 Jan 2002 A press conference to announce the Mike Tyson—Lennox Lewis fight breaks into an all-out brawl. Tyson later admits to having bitten Lewis during the free-for-all.
29 Jan 2002 "Just to let you know, I'm crazy, but I'm not crazy like that. I might want to have sex in a crazy place, but I don't want to kill or rape nobody or hurt nobody."
29 Jan 2002 "I'm not Mother Teresa, but I'm not Charles Manson either."
1 May 2002 "It's no doubt I am going to win this fight and I feel confident about winning this fight. I normally don't do interviews with women unless I fornicate with them. So you shouldn't talk anymore ... Unless you want to, you know."
1 May 2002 During a press conference, boxer Mike Tyson tells reporters: "I wish that you guys had children so I could kick them in the fucking head or stomp on their testicles so you could feel my pain because that's the pain I have waking up every day."
1 May 2002 During a press conference, boxer Mike Tyson tells reporters: "I'm just like you. I enjoy the forbidden fruits in life, too. I think it's un-American not to go out with a woman, not to be with a beautiful woman, not to get my dick sucked ... It's just what I said before, everybody in this country is a big fucking liar. (The media) tells people ... that this person did this and this person did that and then we find out that were just human and we find out that Michael Jordan cheats on his wife just like everybody else and that we all cheat on our fucking wife in one way or another either emotionally, physically or sexually or one way."
1 May 2002 During a press conference, boxer Mike Tyson tells reporters: "There's no one perfect. We're always gonna do that. Jimmy Swaggart is lascivious, Mike Tyson is lascivious—but we're not criminally, at least I'm not, criminally lascivious. You know what I mean. I may like to fornicate more than other people—it's just who I am. I sacrifice so much of my life, can I at least get laid? I mean, I been robbed of my most of my money, can I at least get head without the people wanting to harass me and wanting to throw me in jail?"
1 May 2002 During a press conference, boxer Mike Tyson tells reporters: ""I feel like sometimes that I was born, that I'm not meant for this society because everyone here is a fucking hypocrite. Everybody says they believe in God but they don't do God's work. Everybody counteracts what God is really about. If Jesus was here, do you think Jesus would show me any love? Do you think Jesus would love me? I'm a Muslim, but do you think Jesus would love me ... I think Jesus would have a drink with me and discuss ... why you acting like that? Now, he would be cool. He would talk to me. No Christian ever did that and said in the name of Jesus even ... They'd throw me in jail and write bad articles about me and then go to church on Sunday and say Jesus is a wonderful man and he's coming back to save us. But they don't understand that when he comes back, that these crazy greedy capitalistic men are gonna kill him again."
13 Jan 2003 Mike Tyson is divorced from his wife Monica, with whom he has two children.
28 May 2003 In an interview, boxer Mike Tyson denounces Desiree Washington as "just a lying, reptilian, monstrous, young lady. I just hate her guts. She put me in that state where, I don't know, I really wish I did now. Now I really do want to rape her and her fucking mama."
21 Jun 2003 Mike Tyson allegedly beats the crap out of two autograph seekers in the lobby of the Brooklyn Marriott.
11 Jul 2003 A bodyguard files suit against Mike Tyson, claiming that the boxer punched him twice in the face, breaking his left orbital bone.
1 Aug 2003 Mike Tyson files for bankruptcy in New York.
13 Sep 2003 Mike Tyson attends a charity benefit at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. When asked why he came, Tyson confesses "Because I've got nothing else to do."
21 Sep 2003 Rap artist 50 Cent purchases Mike Tyson's 48,000-square-foot mansion in Farmington, Connecticut for $4.1 million.
28 Jun 2004 In an interview with This Is London, Tyson announces that since declaring bankruptcy he has been sleeping in homeless shelters and living off handouts. "I've got nowhere to live. I've been crashing with friends, literally sleeping in shelters. Unsavoury characters are giving me money and I'm taking it. I need it. The drug dealers, they sympathise with me. They see me as some sort of pathetic character... I know I was a tough, bad-ass talking fighter, but I ain't no mob figure. I did my time for the rape. I paid my money to Las Vegas. I paid my dues. I ain't the same person I was when I bit that guy's ear off."

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