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Las Vegas, NV

Casino Implosions

  • Dunes, 29 Oct 1993. Now: Bellaggio. (Dunes financed with Jimmy Hoffa's Teamster pension money.)
  • Landmark, 7 Nov 1995, 5:35am. 100 pounds of dynamite. (Built by Howard Hughes.) Now: 22 acre parking lot.
  • Sands, 26 Nov 1996. Now: Venetian. Explosion used in Mars Attacks!
  • Hacienda, Dec 31 1996. Now: Mandalay Bay.
  • Aladdin, 27 Apr 1998. Now: A new Aladdin. (Elvis and Priscilla married there.) 600 pounds of gelatin dynamite.
  • El Rancho formerly the Thunderbird, 3 Oct 2000. 700 pounds of explosives. Now: will be timeshares.
  • Desert Inn, 23 Oct 2001, 2:30am. 248 pounds of explosives.
  • Tropicana, implosion coming soon?


19 Jun 1947 Las Vegas figure Bugsy Siegel murdered in Los Angeles, CA.
Nov 1971 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson begins appearing in installments in Rolling Stone magazine.
21 Nov 1980 A fire at the MGM Grand kills 84 and injures 700.
7 Sep 1996 Tupac Shakur shot in a drive-by, dying six days later.
22 Mar 1999 Actor David Strickland Jr., 29, currently starring in the Brooke Shields sitcom "Suddenly Susan", commits suicide by hanging in the Oasis Motel, Room 20. He had been partying for 48 straight hours with, of all people, Andy Dick. Oasis owner Peter Napoli: "Thank God it was suicide. Thank God somebody didn't kill him."
10 July 2000 Actor Justin Pierce, 25, who rose to fame as "Casper" in Larry Clark's controversial Kids movie, commits suicide by hanging at the Bellagio Resort.
5 Aug 2003 National Coalition for the Homeless ranks Las Vegas as the Meanest City for the Homeless.
3 Oct 2003 Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy mauled by a white Bengal tiger onstage, at the Mirage.
11 Oct 2003 PETA stages a protest outside the Mirage casino in Las Vegas, calling for Siegfried and Roy to retire their tigers and construct a sanctuary for them.

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