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Norvir Advisory


Discussion of Taste and Aftertaste of Norvir Liquid

Taste Masking from Norvir Community Update - - Robert Dintruff, Marketing Manager, Abbott International

Recommendations on How Physicians Should Address the Taste of Liquid Ritonavir by Charles Farthing, MD

ACTG Clinical Trial Group's Suggestions for Taking the Liquid Formulation of Ritonavir
On the HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service Web Site

Suggestions by David Butcher, MD, Medical Director, Kansas City Free Health Clinic, Kansas City, MO

Suggestions by Lisa Hirschhorn, MD, DIMOCK Community Health Center, Roxbury, MA

Suggestions by Mike Royal, BS, RPh


Preparing One's Own Gel Caps

Suggestions by Calvin Cohen, MD, Research Director, Community Research Initiative of New England, Brookline

Preparing One's Own Gel Caps, from Norvir Community Update - Robert Dintruff, Marketing Manager, Abbott International


Special Dietary Issues, i.e., chocolate milk for patients who are lactose intolerant, salty foods for patients on sodium-restricted diets.


The Alcohol Content in Norvir Liquid and Response to Patients' Alcohol Sensitivity and Intolerance

Comments from Keith Henry, MD, Director, HIV Clinic, Regents Hospital. St. Paul, Minnesota, and Don Des Jarlais, PhD, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City

Norvir and Alcohol Consumption, Don C. Des Jarlais, PhD, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City


Patient Experience in Switching from Norvir Capsules to Norvir Liquid

IAPAC's policy is not to identify any patient who provides comments or asks questions that are posted in the IAPAC Norvir Advisory. Comments from healthcare professionals featured in the IAPAC Norvir Advisory will also be kept confidential after their identity is verified.

I have been on combo therapy (ritonavir/lamivudine/stavudine) since Sept, 1997. My viral load has gone from 200,000 to <400 and my T4 from 290 to about 700. These results have been consistent for at least 10 months. Side effects have been diarrhea (controlled by one immodium taken with each dose) and feeling bloated after my dose. I've switched to the liquid ritonovir 3 weeks ago.

While it is still early, at this stage I am considering staying on the liquid. My side effects seem to be much diminished; the bloating has almost completely vanished and the diarrhea lessened. The taste, while certainly not pleasant, does not bother me. I began by coating my tongue with peanut butter before my dose, followed by brushing my teeth(am) or a piece of chocolate (pm). Now, I find that by throwing the liquid as far back in my throat as possible that I can tolerate it alone. I have had no problem with any lingering unpleasant aftertaste. From other people's problems with the taste, I suggest the worst thing to do is to dilute the dose with another liquid. Why spread the unpleasantness around?

My only concern is with maintaining confidentality and portability of the liquid. To cope with this I managed to save a bottle of capsules from my last prescription. When the capsules become available again, I plan to continue this way.

Hope this information is useful to someone.
Posted 10/13/98

I recently switched to the Norvir liquid formulation from the capsules. I did this with much trepidation as I had previously tasted liquid Norvir and remembered it as the worst thing I had ever tasted.

If I simply pour the liquid into my mouth so that it comes into contact with my tongue and the other mucous membranes in my mouth, then I will taste it all day. Now, to avoid this, I first coat my tongue with chocolate syrup, toss my head back and pour the norvir directly to the back of my throat. A quick swallow, another dose of chocolate syrup, maybe a gulp of water, and I no longer taste the norvir.

Hooray !!!!!!
Posted 10/13/98


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Taste and Aftertaste Questions & Answers from Norvir Community Update, Steve Lichter, Director, International Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Abbott Laboratories

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