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Suggestions by Calvin Cohen, MD
Research Director, Community Research Initiative of New England, Brookline

The following information is abstracted from "The Norvir Switch" by Mark Schoofs.

Perhaps the most innovative method for avoiding the taste comes from Calvin Cohen, MD, research director of the Community Research Initiative of New England and one of the leading Norvir researchers. He suggests patients prepare their own capsules by putting Norvir liquid into do-it-yourself gelatin capsules. He insists that, armed with a dropper, patients can prepare their entire daily regimen in just a couple of minutes. Is this workable? "The FDA won't let Abbott say anything about this option because there haven't been clinical trials," says Cohen. But, he adds, "There's every reason to think it would work, because gel caps are well known to dissolve in people's stomachs." Indeed, it's recommended that ritonavir be taken with food.

Posted 8/28/98

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