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Military Draft


24 Nov 1970 Rush Limbaugh receives a military classification of 1-Y (fit for service only in time of war), thus avoiding the draft. There is some dispute on the reason for this, but Franken cites Limbaugh's brother recounting an unsusual medical condition: "Limbaugh avoided the draft because of a pilonidal cyst at the base of the spinal cord in which excess tissue and hair may collect, causing discomfort and discharge. As disgusting as this sounds, there is no evidence that Limbaugh's cyst contributed to the breakup of his two marriages." But this conflicts with a transcript of Limbaugh's radio program:
CALLER: And Rush, you never mentioned how you dodged the Vietnam draft.
LIMBAUGH: I didn't.
CALLER: Yes, you did. You claimed you had a boil on your butt --
LIMBAUGH: No, you see, that's part of popular mythology that is out there that I have not whined nor complained about, Greg. But that is just a bunch of Internet B.S. and hyperbole. Never happened. Was not the cause; wasn't the case.

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