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Courtney Love

It is hard to like Courtney Love. This drug-addled woman only piggybacked fame through her affiliation with the multi-talented now-dead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Somehow, she managed to parlay this experience into record contracts (which she failed to fulfill) and movie parts. She looks like a Robert Crumb girl, acts like a crazy spoiled brat and spends her time trying to control the rights to unreleased Nirvana recordings. At least she had the good sense to pick a public fight with Madonna... or was she high at the time?


9 Jul 1964 Love Michelle Harrison born, to Linda Risi and Hank Harrsion (Grateful Dead roadie), San Francisco, CA.
1964 Father leaves.
20 Feb 1967 Kurt Cobain born.
1972 Mother and Courtney move to New Zealand.
1985 Auditions for the Nancy Spungeon part in Sid and Nancy.
1989 Meets Kurt Cobain at a Dharma Bums concert, Portland OR.
1990 Forms band, Hole, with Eric Erlandson, Jill Emery and Caroline Rue.
May 1991 Meets Kurt Cobain again, at a Butthole Surfers concert.
Aug 1991 First Hole album, Pretty on the Inside.
Dec 1991 Pregnant.
24 Feb 1992 Marries Kurt Cobain, Waikiki HI.
18 Aug 1992 Daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, born.
8 Apr 1994 Body of Kurt Cobain found, suicide shotgun blast to the head.
1996 Plays Althea Leasure in the film The People Vs. Larry Flynt.
Aug 2003 Courtney Love's mother Linda Carroll denies published reports that Courtney is the granddaughter of Marlon Brando.

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