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Sid Vicious

Sid was allegedly the bassist for the Sex Pistols, though he was never recorded in the studio and was usually unplugged when playing on stage. His favorite things included his best friend Johnny Rotten until their band broke up, his girl Nancy until he stabbed her to death with a hunting knife, and heroin until his tragicomic overdose at the age of 21. Anti-celebrity incarnate, he still died like a stupid fucking rockstar, wondering why no one was paying him lots of money to shoot drugs, swear, and try to be clever for cameras that had long since lost interest. spiritualists have received a special beyond-the-grave message from Sid to all of those hordes of alienated white boys who would give anything in the world to become that most mysterious of archetypes- the famous, nihilist punk rocker: "A$ LONG AS EYE LIVE WITHIN U, PUNKZ NOT DED!@# FUCK 'THE QUEEN!'"


10 May 1957 John Simon Ritchie born, London, England.
1975 Meets John Lydon.
Feb 1977 Original Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock is fired from the band. At Lydon's suggestion, they start looking for a new bassist in Sid Vicious.
4 Apr 1977 Plays his first real live show with the Sex Pistols!
Nov 1977 Meets ex-prostitute and Sex Pistols groupie Nancy Spungen.
Jan 1978 The Sex Pistols travel to America and play a whirlwind 8-show tour.
14 Jan 1978 The Sex Pistols perform their final show, Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco.
12 Oct 1978 Girlfriend Nancy Spungen found dead in their room at the Chelsea Hotel, New York City.
2 Feb 1979 Dead of a heroin overdose.

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