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Kurt Cobain

Lead singer and songwriter of Nirvana, committed suicide with a shotgun blast to the head, prompting an unprecedented 24 hour MTV Cobain-athon. Married singer Courtney Love. Had a fondness for old time actress Frances Farmer, but their daughter Frances Bean is actually named after Frances McKee of the Vaselines.

Author Charles Cross:

"Kurt was fascinated by LaVey and wanted to get him to play on something. He said that several times when he visited San Francisco and went by the Melvins' house, which was just down the street from LaVey's. He had heard that he played cello. Kurt did want him to play on some future recording; he said this before they went into the studio for Nevermind."


20 Feb 1967 Kurt Cobain born, Hoquaim WA.
1986 Nirvana formed.
1989 Meets Courtney Love at a Dharma Bums concert, Portland OR.
1989 Bleach.
May 1991 Meets Courtney Love again, at a Butthole Surfers concert.
1991 Nevermind.
Dec 1991 Courtney Love is pregnant.
24 Feb 1992 Marries Courtney Love, Waikiki HI.
1993 In Utero.
1993 Nonfatal overdose of heroin.
8 Apr 1994 Body of Kurt Cobain found, suicide shotgun blast to the head, Seattle WA.

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