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Armand Hammer

Soviet Agent of Influence


1874 Father, Julius Hammer, born in Odessa a Ukranian Jew.
c. 1890 Julius Hammer emigrates to America.
1892 Julius Hammer joins the Socialist Labor Party.
21 May 1898 Armand Hammer born to Julius Hammer and Rose Lipshitz Hammer, Manhattan. Armand is named after the hammer and sickle, symbol of the Socialist movement.
1906 Julius Hammer declares bankruptcy.
1907 Julius Hammer meets Lenin at the Seventh Congress of the Second International, Stuttgart Germany.
1 Jun 1917 B.A., Columbia University.
5 Jul 1919 Armand Hammer (who has no medical degree at this time) performs an illegal abortion on Marie Oganesoff, wife of a Russian diplomat. She dies of complications, and Armand's father Julius decides to take the fall. Julius sentenced to three years hard labor for this crime he did not commit. (Dossier.)
1919 FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover opens a file, "61-280—Armand Hammer, Internal Security—Russia."
1919 Julius Hammer founds the American Communist Party.
18 Sep 1920 Julius Hammer admitted to Sing-Sing Prison (#71516), for the botched abortion his son performed.
16 Apr 1921 Applies for a U.S. Passport.
17 Jun 1921 Medical degree, Columbia University.
1921 Travels to the Soviet Union.
1923 Julius Hammer released from jail.
31 Jan 1924 Receives medical license #18127.
c. 1925 Receives an asbestos mining commission for a site in the Urals.
1929 Armand Hammer's son, Julian, born in Moscow to Olga Vadina.
1929 Returns from the Soviet Union.
1955 Armand Hammer kills a man in a "drunken brawl."
1956 Purchases Occidental Petroleum, $120,000.
1961 J. Edgar Hoover memo: Hammer cannot be "pursued" because he is "protected" by Senator Al Gore Sr.
1970 Older brother, Harry, dies.
17 Jan 1973 Armand Hammer makes an illegal $54,000 anonymous campaign contribution to Richard M. Nixon's slush fund, money that was used in Watergate.
1973 Armand Hammer sells a zinc mine to the father of Al Gore, $160,000.
1973 Ten minutes after the above sale of land, Al Gore Sr. sells the zinc mine to his son, Al Gore, Jr., $140,000.
1976 After pleading guilty, Armand Hammer sentenced by Judge Lawrence Lydick to one year probation and $3K fine, for his illegal campaign contribution and subsequent coverup.
1978 Love Canal dioxin disaster, caused by subsidiary Hooker Chemical's dumping.
1979 FBI launches an investigation over whether Armand Hammer attempted to bribe Los Angeles city officials.
1980 Buys Leonardo da Vinci manuscript Codex Leicester and renames it Codex Hammer.
21 Jun 1982 Prince Charles son, William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor born after 17 hours of labor, St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington. 7 lbs, 1.5 oz. Armand Hammer is the child's Godfather.
1985 Younger brother, Victor, dies.
1986 Obtains a seat on the board of Church and Dwight, the makers of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.
1986 Pledges $1.3M to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in hopes of receiving a pardon. Never receives a pardon, and the money never materializes. Library tries to sue for the money.
1988 Covert DNA testing reveals that Armand's son, Julian, is indeed his son.
1988 Occidental Petroleum, revenue: $20B, profit: $302M.
14 Aug 1989 President George HW Bush pardons Armand Hammer, after he donates $100,000 to the Republican National Committee and $100,000 to the Bush-Quayle Inaugural Committee. Who says money can't buy you everything?
10 Dec 1990 Armand Hammer dies of cancer.
11 Nov 1994 Bill Gates buys Codex Hammer for $30,802,500 and renames it Codex Leicester again.
1995 At Vice President Al Gore's recommendation, Federal government sells Elk Hills oil reserves to Occidental Petroleum, $3.65B.
1996 Edward J. Epstein's book, Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer.

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