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Norvir Advisory

Practical Considerations on New Temperature Guidelines for Norvir Liquid

Charles Farthing, MD

I had an informal meeting with Eugene over the weekend that helped me answer some of the questions on the new recommended temperature requirements for Norvir liquid. Eugene’s explanation of the reason for these new temperature guidelines convinced me that I could suggest keeping Norvir liquid in the refrigerator - regardless of the label recommendations - whenever there is a concern about keeping Norvir liquid at temperatures over 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) for an extended time.

There is a risk in storing Norvir liquid at temperatures over 77º F (25º C) for an extended time.. High temperatures may affect the drug’s efficacy. There is also a hypothetical risk in storing Norvir liquid at temperatures lower than 68º F (20º C) for an extended time. However, there have been no reported incidents of crystallization in refrigerated Norvir liquid.

Abbott Laboratories thought that it was prudent to change the Norvir liquid label recommendations for storage at the ideal room temperature ( 68º to 77º F/ 20-25º C) This cautious attitude may have caused some unnecessary concern by some patients about keeping their Norvir liquid in a home that cannot be stored at this ideal room temperature. Most of my patients don’t have homes with air-conditioning and it can get very hot in Los Angeles.

Alice: Shake Me!

Eugene pointed out in our interview that in the unlikely chance that crystals are formed in refrigerated Norvir liquid, the crystals should dissolve readily by shaking the bottle. So when there is concern about keeping Norvir liquid at high temperatures for an extended period of time, keep Norvir liquid in the refrigerator. You may want to tape a note to the bottle that says, "Shake me" - just like Alice in Wonderland.

Posted 9/18/98

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