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Syd Barrett

Once locked his girlfriend up for three days.

Drugs were not kind to Syd Barrett. He lived with his mother until she died in 1991. Every once in a while someone will stalk Syd and take a picture-- he is completely bald, and does venture from his house from time to time.


6 Jan 1946 Syd Barrett born to Arthur Max Barrett and Winefred Flack-Barrett, Cambridge England.
5 Aug 1967 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
1967 "Arnold Layne just happens to dig dressing up in women's clothing. A lot of people do-- so let's face up to reality."
5 Nov 1967 Pink Floyd appear on The Pat Boone Show. Syd was barely able to perform, forgetting to lip synch; during a following question and answer session, stared directly through Boone, not answering questions.
18 Feb 1968 Dave Gilmour joins Pink Floyd.
6 Apr 1968 Syd Barrett leaves Pink Floyd.
5 Jun 1975 During the Wish You Were Here recording sessions, Syd Barrett just happens to wander into Abbey Road studio while Pink Floyd are mixing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," a song written about Barrett. At first, none of Syd's former bandmates recognizes the fat, bald lunatic who is compulsively brushing his teeth.
1991 Syd's mother dies.

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