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James Brown


  • The Hardest Working Man in Show Business
  • Arrested after impressive two-state hot pursuit, 23 shots fired at him
  • Has powerful testicles, given to him by the government


3 May 1933 James Brown born, Barnwell, SC.
1937 Abandoned by mother .
14 Jun 1952 Paroled, after sentence for larceny.
1954 Marries Velma Warren.
23 Jan 1956 Brown's band, The Famous Flames, signed to Federal/King Records in Atlanta, paid $200.
1966 I Got You (I Feel Good).
Jan 1969 Plays at Richard M. Nixon's inauguration celebration.
1970 Marries Deirdre Jenkins.
1973 Eldest son Teddy killed in automobile accident.
Oct 1974 Plays at Rumble in the Jungle, the Ali/Foreman heavyweight boxing match in the Congo.
1984 Marries Adrienne Rodriguez.
1986 "Michael Jackson, he used to watch me from the wings and got his moon walk from my camel walk. I ain't jealous I'm zealous. I ain't teased, I'm pleased."
1987 Audience with the Pope. Pope advises him to continue with music career, and not switch to ministry work.
Mar 1988 Arrested, domestic abuse.
24 Sep 1988 Brandishes a shotgun at an insurance meeting, demanding to know who used his personal toilet. Police chase ensues, 23 shots fired at his jeep, with both front tires shot out. PCP found in his system.
18 May 1989 Arrested, possession of PCP, assault, possession of illegal weapons (Aiken County, SC.)
27 Feb 1991 Paroled from prison.
Mar 1991 Has a new set of eyebrows tattooed onto his face (dermapigmentation.)
1995 Living in America.
1996 Wife Adrienne dies from complications of liposuction surgery.
10 Jan 1997 Receives star, Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Aug 1999 Time at which former employee Lisa Agbalaya-Ross alleges James Brown made claims that he had "powerful testicles given to him by the government." How such a thing is possible is not explained.
15 Jan 2002 Marries Tomi Rae Hynie.
Feb 2002 James Brown cleared by a Los Angeles jury of all allegations made in $2M sexual harassment suit brought by former employee Lisa Agbalaya-Ross.
25 Dec 2006 James Brown dies on Christmas morning of heart failure at Emory Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, GA.

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