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Ron Jeremy

The Hedgehog


12 Mar 1953 Ron Jeremy Hyatt born, Queens NY.
1970 "It wasn't screwing... We didn't go all the way, but I did come in my shorts. I was 14. The girl was Margie... My first screw took place at age 17 in Littleneck in an alley beside a school. Same girl, Margie."
1971 Graduated Cardoza High School, Brooklyn NY.
c. 1976 Masters degree, Special Education, Queens College.
1977 Stars in adult film Heatwave.
Oct 1978 Jeremy and his 9" schlong appear in Playgirl. "It was one of the first erections they ever had. Now I'd be lucky to get a centerfold in Field and Stream."
1992 "What would happen if a porno film crew went to Florida to shoot a movie about giant fish-monster rapists at the same time that a beautiful brunette ichthyologist was studying suspicious giant fish monsters off the coast and outer-space aliens were disguising themselves as giant fish monsters so they could invade local topless bars and suck the guts out of wet T-shirt models?" Answer: They Bite.
1994 Directs John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut, best selling porno of the 1990's
13 Oct 1995 Susan Faludi tries to tear Jeremy a new asshole in her essay The Money Shot, published in the New Yorker. Al Goldstein: "Ron Jeremy would never have gotten laid if producers had not paid women to have sex with him."
1997 Creative consultant for film Boogie Nights.
2001 Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.

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