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Dennis Hopper


17 May 1936 Born, Dodge City, KS.
1955 Appears in Rebel Without A Cause, which stars James Dean.
1961 Marries Brooke Hayward.
1969 Divorces Brooke Hayward.
14 Jul 1969 Directs and acts in Easy Rider. Tom Myers, who has too much time on his hands, discovered that if you rearrange "DENNIS HOPPER'S EASY RIDER" you get "DARN HIPPIES SEE SORRY END."
1970 Marries Michelle Phillips, but divorces her eight days later.
1972 Marries Daria Halprin.
2 Jul 1975 Hopper alledgedly causes a small traffic accident in Taos, New Mexico. He flees from the scene, failing to inform police.
1976 Divorces Dara Halrpin.
15 Aug 1979 Apocalypse Now.
1986 Plays Frank Booth in Blue Velvet.
1989 Marries Katherine La Nasa.
1992 Divorces Katherine La Nasa.
1993 Super Mario Bros.
1995 Appears in the grossly overbudget Kevin Costner epic, Waterworld.
4 Dec 1995 Marries Victoria Duffy.
Oct 1999 Arrested for Marijuana posession in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
1 Sep 2000 Marijuana charges dropped.

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