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Saint Petersburg

Formerly Leningrad, Petrograd


16 May 1703 Attempting to open his country to the West, Tsar Peter the Great founds Sankt Petrburg on the delta of the Neva river.
28 Jan 1725 Peter the Great dies.
19 Nov 1824 The Neva river floods, rising over 13 feet and destroying half the city.
18 Aug 1914 Due to strong anti-German sentiment during the First World War, Saint Petersburg is renamed to the more Slavic Petrograd.
21 Jan 1924 Lenin dies, complications from strokes.
26 Jan 1924 Petrograd is renamed Leningrad, in honor of the fallen despot.
8 Sep 1941 The Nazi siege of Leningrad begins.
27 Jan 1944 The siege of Leningrad ends. Over 800,000 residents out of 3 million have died.
6 Sep 1991 Leningrad is renamed back to Saint Petersburg, though the governmental region it resides in is still called Leningradskiy.
23 Aug 1995 Saint Petersburg resident Ilshat Kuzikov arrested in his apartment in connection with the murders of Misha Bochkov and Edik Vassilevsky, whose severed heads were found in city streets. Discovered in his apartment were jars of pickled human remains, bags of ears, a pair of arms and legs, and a partially eaten "casserole".

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