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22 May 1851 Hail the size of pumpkins falls on Bangalore, India.
15 Jul 1857 During an uprising, the group of British women and children being held by rebels in Chawnpore, India are cut to pieces with knives and hatchets. Then their remains are tossed into a well. When British forces finally retake Chawnpore, the captured rebels are taken back to the house where the slaughter took place. Then they are forced to lick the floors clean, after which they are hanged.
10 Jul 1972 A herd of angry, startled elephants emerges from India's Chandka Forest, and tramples five villages, killing 24 inhabitants.
31 Oct 1984 Prime minister of India Indira Gandhi is assassinated by two Sikh bodyguards. The act appeard to be a reprisal for her attack on the Golden Temple at Amritsar, which killed 1,000. Her son Rajiv succeeds her, and he is assassinated in 1991.
3 Dec 1984 Methyl isocyanate leaks from a Union Carbide pesticide plant located at a slum in Bhopal, India. The gas kills 4,000 people and injures 200,000 others, many of whom were permanently blinded or disabled. The event set a standard for industrial accidents that has yet to be equalled.
14 Apr 1986 Hindus crossing a bridge over the sacred Ganges river at Hardwar, India to bathe during the Kumbha Mela fete somehow stampede. 46 pilgrims are trampled.
7 Dec 1989 Melvin Belli files a $15 billion class-action lawsuit against Union Carbide for the Bhopal incident.
12 Mar 1993 A series of bomb explosions rock western India. The first kills 50 at the Bombay Stock Exchange, and many other explosions target theaters, offices, and shopping areas. It is suspected that the acts were intended to destabilize India's government.
4 May 2001 Hindu protesters hurl wet cow dung at a McDonald's in south Bombay.
6 Dec 2002 An explosion at a Bombay McDonald's injures 17. Officials later claim it was just a faulty air conditioner.

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