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Stomach Cancer


29 Nov 1954 Atomic scientist Enrico Fermi dies of stomach cancer (perhaps related to many years of radiation exposure), Chicago IL. Buried in the Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago, IL. Note: There is also some documentation listing Enrico Fermi as being buried at the Church of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.
30 Aug 1970 Dressmaker Abraham Zapruder, filmer of the John F. Kennedy assassination, dies of stomach cancer, Dallas TX.
3 Sep 1970 Coach Vince Lombardi dies of stomach and colon cancer, Washington, DC. Buried at Mount Olivett Cemetery, Middletown NJ.
16 Jun 1977 German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun dies of stomach cancer, Alexandria VA. Buried at Ivy Hillside Cemetery in Alexandria.
7 Jan 1989 Japanese Emperor and botanist Hirohito dies of duodenal papilla (intestinal) cancer, after slipping into a coma, Tokyo Japan. Japanese television ceased normal programming for three days. Hirohito was buried wearing his Mickey Mouse Watch.
11 Jun 1999 Star Trek ship's doctor DeForest Kelly dies at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital, Woodland Hills CA, on stardate 99061.1 of stomach and colon cancer. Kelly also suffered from emphysema, and ten years ago a collapsed colon.
27 Feb 2003 Children's television actor Fred Rogers dies of stomach cancer at his home in Pittsburgh PA. He is responsible for 900 episodes of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Buried at Unity Cemetery, Latrobe PA.

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