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Breast Cancer


2 Oct 1958 Birth control advocate Marie Stopes dies of breast cancer at her home in Dorking, Surry UK. Once one of the most famous women in the world.
14 Apr 1964 Biologist and author of Silent Spring, Rachel Carson dies of breast cancer and heart disease.
29 Aug 1982 Actress Ingrid Bergman dies of breast cancer diagnosed seven years earlier, on her 62nd birthday, London.
6 Oct 1989 Actress Bette Davis dies of breast cancer, Neuilly-sur-Seine France.
18 May 1990 Actress Jill Ireland dies of breast cancer.
Apr 1998 Musician and wife of Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney dies of breast cancer, at her family ranch in Tucson AZ. There is some debate as to the actual location of her death, which might have been Santa Barbara CA. A family spokesman denied any assisted suicide occurred.
25 Sep 1999 Judith Campbell Exner, mistress of John F. Kennedy and Sam Giancana, dies of breast cancer.

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