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Lethal Injection

While a far more humane method of execution than the Electric Chair, lethal injection is both big-brother sinister and antiseptic. Disquieting sights, sounds, and smells become a thing of the past. Of eighty-five people executed in the United States in 2000, all but five were with lethal injection. It is expected in the next decade to displace electrocution entirely.

Generally a series of three injections are given: sodium thiopental (relaxant) + pancuronium bromide (paralyzer) + potassium chloride (cardiac arrest). The idea of lethal injection has been floating around since at least 1888, but not until 1997 were laws passed in the United States allowing this technique for the purpose of execution. Even earlier, people were executed by lethal injections, such as the death of George V of England in 1936 by an involuntary morphine shot, and of Sigmund Freud in 1939 by a voluntary one.

Noted persons executed by lethal injection include:

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