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Saturday Night Live

Weekly sketch comedy program showcasing America's finest talent in the Not Ready for Primetime Players. Comedy geniuses like Robin Duke, Mary Gross, Brad Hall, Melanie Hutsell, Tim Kazurinsky, Gary Kroeger, and Tony Rosato.


11 Oct 1975 Saturday Night Live debuts on NBC.
24 Apr 1976 On the air, Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels offers $3,000 to The Beatles if they will reunite and perform one of their songs on SNL.
1980 Pee-wee Herman tries out for Saturday Night Live cast. Gilbert Godfried gets it instead.
10 May 1997 Saturday Night Live airs the sketch "Good Samaritan Eddie Murphy." Tim Meadows plays a superhero who travels the streets of Los Angeles by night, driving transsexuals from place to place. Host John Goodman plays one of the transsexuals.
19 Apr 2003 Saturday Night Live airs a commercial parody mimicking an ad for French tourism: "France: rolling countrysides, sprawling vineyards, quaint cafes. France: home to the world's greatest painters, chefs, and anti-semites. The French: cowardly, yet opinionated; arrogant, yet foul-smelling; anti-Israel, anti-American, and, of course, as always, Jew-hating. Paris: the city of whores, dog feces on every corner, and effete men yelling anti-Semitic remarks at children. The real crème de la crème of world culture. With all that's going on in the world, isn't it about time we got back to hating the French?"
10 Apr 2004 Saturday Night Live guest-host Janet Jackson spoofs her Superbowl tit-flash in a skit about the 9/11 commission, in which she portrays flustered national security adviser Condoleezza Rice.

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