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Trilateral Commission

  • The three laterals are: Europe, US, Japan.
  • Organized by David Rockefeller.
  • Jimmy Carter among the founding members.
  • In the 1980 U.S. Presidential election, three major candidates were Trilateral members: George HW Bush, Walter Mondale, John Anderson (independent.)
  • Other members or former members: Alexander Haig, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Warren Christopher, Caspar Weinberger, Henry Kissinger, Robert McNamara, George Shultz, John D. Rockefeller IV, Tom Foley, W. Michael Blumenthal, Cyrus Vance, Elliot Richardson, Paul Volcker, Bill Clinton, Count Otto Lambsdorff.
  • (members) Mayors: Tom Bradley, Andrew Young.
  • (members) Journalists: Katharine Graham (Washington Post), David Gergen (U.S. News and World Report)
  • Ronald Reagan disliked the Commission and what it stood for, but held a reception for it in 1984.
  • Pat Robertson: The Commission springs "from the depth of something that is evil."
  • John Connally: The Republican Party "will never nominate a man who belonged to the Trilateral Commission." Riiight.
  • At any given time, has around 325 members, each serving a 3 year "term".
  • Trilateral Commission official homepage


1973 Trilateral Commission organized by David Rockefeller.
11 Jun 1993 The Washington Times reports: "Presidential counsellor David Gergen resigned yesterday from the all-male Bohemian Club, three days after saying he would not run around naked at its annual Bohemian Grove encampment and insisting he would not quit. White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers announced the resignation along with Mr. Gergen's departure from 17 other interest groups, charities and public boards ranging from the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations."

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