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Marv Albert



12 Jun 1941 Marvin Philip "Marv" Albert born.
Dec 1996 Vanessa Perhach hospitalized for attempted suicide.
12 Feb 1997 Sodomizes Vanessa Perhach, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Alexandria VA. He bites the woman on the back, saying "You've been a bad girl... you didn't bring anybody."
27 May 1997 Charged with forcible Sodomy and assault.
11 Aug 1997 DNA tests indicate that the bite mark on accuser Vanessa Perhach is indeed Albert's.
22 Sep 1997 Marv Albert trial begins.
25 Sep 1997 Pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery; Sodomy charge dropped.
24 Oct 1997 Receives a 12 month suspended sentence, expunged from his record if no crimes are committed during that span. "There was some biting and rough sex in the past. I did not realize until her [Perhach's] testimony that she thought I had caused her harm, and for that, I am sorry."

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