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Queen Elizabeth II


21 Apr 1926 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor born to King George VI and Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, London England.
11 Dec 1936 Father George VI assumes the throne of Great Britain.
20 Nov 1947 Marries Philip Mountbatten.
15 Nov 1948 First son, Prince Charles born.
15 Aug 1950 Daughter, Princess Anne born.
6 Feb 1952 Accession to throne as George VI dies.
2 Jun 1953 Coronated as Queen of England. Also as Queen of thy people Israel, according to the rite.
19 Feb 1960 Second son, Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor, born.
10 Mar 1964 Third son, Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis, born.
20 Nov 1992 Part of Windsor Castle burns.
26 Nov 1992 The Queen becomes a taxpayer, after public pressure over the cost of restoring Windsor Castle.
30 Nov 1996 Queen Elizabeth II orders the return of Jacob's Pillar, a 336 pound stone contained within the coronation throne at Westminster Abbey, to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. This is the stone from Genesis 28:18, yes it is.
31 Aug 1997 Lady Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed killed in an automobile accident while fleeing from papparazzi, Paris.
4 Aug 2000 The Queen Mother becomes a centenarian.
6 Feb 2002 Golden Jubilee, marking fifty years of reign.
30 Mar 2002 Queen Mother dies.
12 Dec 2003 Mick Jagger knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Keith Richards comment: "I don't want to step out on stage with someone wearing a fucking coronet and sporting an old ermine."

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