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Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

"Little Boots"

b. AD 31 Aug 12, d. 24 Jan 41

Third emperor of Rome, 28 Mar 37—24 Jan 41. 3 years, 10 months, 8 days. Assassinated by Praetorian Guard.

Frequently enjoyed fucking his sister, Drusilla.

Caligula doted on his horse Incitatus most of all. It had a retinue of eighteen servants. Its diet consisted of oats mixed with gold flake, as well as a variety of meats, including mice, squid, mussels, and chicken. Not to mention wine. According to Suetonius, the emperor saw to it that Incitatus lived in perfect luxury: "Besides a stall of marble, a manger of ivory, purple blankets and a collar of precious stones, he even gave this horse a house."

Fittingly the subject of the most lavish pornographic film in history, produced by Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione.

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