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Fred Phelps

God may Hate Fags, but someone should tell Rev. Phelps he looks totally gay in a cowboy hat.

Phelps is a former Eagle Scout. He runs the infamous God Hates Fags website, featuring among other things, a timeclock: Matthew Shepard has been in hell for 1607 days. Phelpsisms:

"You can't preach the Bible without preaching hatred."

"God doesn't hate them because they're fags; they're fags because God hates them."

If Fred Phelps has made one mistake (and he's made several), it's taking the word of God literally. Phelps read the Old Testament and embraced some of its more controversial messages. Ironically, Fred might be more consistent in his biblical interpretation than his pro-gay Judeochristian brethren.

Rebuked Jerry Falwell for hosting a summit devoted to nonviolence against homosexuals.


13 Nov 1929 Fred Phelps born, Meridian, Mississippi.
Dec 1944 Fred Phelps Sr. marries Olive Briggs, age 39.
8 Sep 1947 Ordained a Southern Baptist minister.
1951 Meets future wife, Margie, at Arizona Bible Institute, Phoenix AZ.
11 Jun 1951 Campaign to stamp out necking and petting on campus makes Time Magazine.
15 May 1952 Marries Margie M.
Nov 1955 Becomes pastor, Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka KS.
1966 Doctors court records to indicate he had been paid $250 to handle a divorce case, instead of the $50 he actually received. The extra $200 came from Phelps illegally pocketing the bond posted by the wife to free the husband from jail.
May 1966 Files to run as a Democrat for Kansas State House, 45th District.
1969 Brought before State Board of Law Examiners, on seven counts of professional misconduct. Attorney General Kent Frizzell: Phelps' conduct "is one of total disregard for the duties and the respect and consideration owed by an attorney to his clients. Where money is concerned, the accused simply lacks any sense of balance and proportion. Whatever the reason for this, it appears to me a permanent condition." Phelps is suspended for two years from practicing law.
1970 On the first anniversary of his suspension from practicing law, administers a harsh crewcut to his wife.
28 Sep 1972 Ruled disqualified to running for District Attorney, due to suspension. He ran in the August primary unopposed.
Nov 1973 Files a $50,000,000 suit against Sears Roebuck, Inc., because the $186 television they purchased on layaway and paid off early would not be ready until Christmas (exactly as specified in the contract Phelps signed.)
14 Oct 1977 Fred Phelps Sr. dies, age 84.
8 Nov 1977 Kansas files a complaint seeking Phelps disbarrment.
1979 The Kansas Supreme Court disbars Fred Phelps, declaring in part that he had "little regard for the ethics of his profession."
16 Dec 1985 Nine Federal court judges file a disciplinary complaint against Fred Phelps and six of his attorney relatives, claiming that Phelps and his brood had made false accusations against them.
29 Jun 1985 Stepmother, Olive Briggs Phelps dies, age 82.
1989 Fred Phelps surrenders his license to practice law in Federal court.
1991 Westboro Baptist Church stages its first public demonstration at a public park in Topeka, Kansas.
19 Apr 1996 Westboro Baptist Church flier:
Fag Jew Nazis are worse than ordinary Nazis. They've had more experience. Jews stirred up the Romans to butcher 6 million Christians in the catacombs in the 1st century. The First Holocaust was a Jewish Holocaust against Christians. The latest Holocaust is by Topeka Jews against WBC.
13 Nov 1996 Westboro Baptist Church press release:
Anybody babbling about 'multicultural affairs' and 'celebrating diversity' is a propagandist for the militant sodomite agenda...Westboro Baptists will picket this black obfuscator, in religious protest and warning. Being black won't get you to Heaven. But promoting fags will take you to Hell.
5 Jul 1997 Fred Phelps sends a letter to Russian President Boris Yeltsin:
Homosexuals now pervade and control American government at every level and branch. Thus, only those churches that support and promote the militant homosexual agenda enjoy religious freedom. Any church in America that dares to preach what the Bible says about soul-damning, nation-destroying moral filth of the vile homosexual beasts among us, loses all Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and speech rights.
30 Nov 1997 Fred Phelps sends a letter to Saddam Hussein:
We understand that Iraq is the only Muslim state that allows the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be freely and openly preached on the streets without fear of arrest and prosecution. Alas, the United States no longer allows the Gospel to be freely and openly preached on the streets, because militant sodomites now control our government, and they violently object to the Bible message...The same majoritarian sodomite tyranny that now guides the Clinton administration's repressive policies toward Gospel preaching on America's streets, is apparently responsible—at least in part—for the merciless slaughter by starvation of 400 innocent Iraqi babies each day in your country. If our government and laws will allow it, and at the invitation of your government, we would like to send a delegation from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, to preach the Gospel on the streets of Baghdad for one week in the near future.
15 Jan 1998 Westboro Baptist Church press release:
Filthy sodomites crave legitimacy as dogs eating their own vomit & sows wallowing in their own feces crave unconditional love.
17 Oct 1998 The Westboro Baptist Church pickets Matthew Shepard's funeral.
5 Jun 2000 Westboro Baptist Church flier:
Fag priests and dyke nuns is the order of the day for Kansas Catholics. They deserve the sick, perverted leadership that now dooms and damns them.

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