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Gypsy Rose Lee

Famed stripper.

"Women who marry men they don't love or aren't attracted to, men who are older, unattractive or unlovable, such women cannot validly look down on prostitutes. That is to say, on honest prostitutes."


9 Feb 1914 Ellen June Hovick born, Seattle WA.
1930 Marries Bobby Reed.
25 Aug 1937 Marries Arnold Mizzy.
1941 The G-String Murders.
1942 Marries William Alexander Kirkland.
11 Dec 1944 Has a son with director and Batman villain Otto Preminger, in New York City.
1948 Marries Julio de Diego.
1957 Autobiography, Gypsy.
1969 Diagnosed with lung cancer.
26 Apr 1970 Gypsy Rose Lee dies, Los Angeles CA.

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